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Benefiting from a privileged location, Dolce Vita hotel restaurant is a great starting point to visit the most beautiful landscapes of Corsica, on foot or by car.


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Ajaccio is the imperial city and birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, who made our city famous. The improbable destiny of a diminutive Corsican who became the emperor of France has left an indelible mark on Ajaccio. Signs of his existence may be found everywhere in the city and in the streets of Ajaccio, including Napoleon's birthplace, a large commemorative monument, the Fesch museum, the imperial chapel or the municipal library. The old town is charming, with streets opening onto the port. The city centre offers a range of cafes, restaurants and luxury stores. Ajaccio central market is an everyday invitation to discover the essence of local life, with its wide range of local produce, such as fruits and vegetables, or charcuterie. From the city centre, Ajaccio offers no less than 20 magnificent beaches stretching to Capo Di Feno; Ajaccio is also the starting point for many hiking tours. For your outings, Ajaccio offers themed evenings, with something for everyone, including Corsican songs, rock concerts, and trendy bars as well as the magnificent casino. With a truly exceptional amount of sunshine, among the highest in France, the Ajaccio region benefits from a privileged climate, of very mild winter temperatures and hot, dry summer weather.

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The Piana calanques

Majestic, grandiose, and only 90 mins from Ajaccio, discover fascinating sites! Magnificent at any time, the road that connects Piana to Porto is a true marvel. Discover its immense, extravagantly-shaped red rocks. This UNESCO world heritage site is truly incredibly beautiful!


The Vizzavona forest is an essential stop on your trip. Halfway between Bastia and Ajaccio, it is emblematic of our island. Culminating at an altitute of 1,163m, Vizzavona, the meeting point of the two Corsican departments, reveals the multiple faces of the island. Discover myriad secret waterfalls and other incredible viewpoints at Vizzavona pass and mountain! Vizzavona is well known by GR20 hikers as the midpoint of this legendary trail. It is the starting point for the ascent of Monte d’Oro, or, for the less daring, a visit to the “Cascades des Anglais” on Agnone torrent.

Tolla lake

30km from Ajaccio, the largest lake in Corsica (5km2), is Lake Tolla. Nestled in an extraordinary setting of steep rocks and calm waters, at an altitude of 530 metres, Lake Tolla is named after the small village which overlooks it. Set on the lakeside, Tolla nautical centre offers a wide range of water activities for the whole family from May to September. With around 30km of hiking trails to enjoy, Lake Tolla will delight with its magnificent landscapes.

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Board & winter sports

Whether you prefer stand-up paddle-boarding, water-skiing or towed buoys, experience a range of watersports near the hotel, while exploring the coast on your own, at your own pace! Available subject to conditions. On request. Contact us to find out more.

Jet Ski Rental

Your very own getaway awaits! Rent a jet ski with or without a permit, and gorge on sensations and discoveries in an idyllic setting near the hotel! Available subject to conditions. On request. Contact us to find out more.


Explore the seabed, right by the hotel! The crystal-clear Corsican waters and the magnificent mosaic of underwater colours offered by the bay of Ajaccio and its Sanguinaires Islands archipelago are guaranteed to be memorable!

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