Dolce Vita

Restaurant in Ajaccio

Visual and taste pleasures merge, in an unpretentious setting that speaks for itself: come and taste Corsican and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine! Open to all, our hotel restaurant offers Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, for up to 500 guests!

A step on the way
A journey within a journey
Restaurant-Hotel in Ajaccio
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Our restaurant in Ajaccio, a place of high tides and high fashion, is operating at the top of its game. It draws gourmets looking for a journey within a journey. Guests gather around tables, white tablecloths floating in the sea air, facing the sea spray. Devoid of all pretention, Dolce-Vita, our restaurant in Ajaccio, welcomes guests in a setting that speaks for itself. When sky and sea merge into one, our gaze no longer knows where to settle. A wealth of culinary creations emerge, from starters to desserts to main courses, for lunch or dinner, exquisite dishes are paraded under guests' eyes in the Corsican sun. While our most intimate secrets must be kept to ourselves, memories fashioned in this magical place are to be shared. Each meal is a celebration of gastronomy, an invitation to conviviality and discovery, where dishes become stories, and tastings, special moments which lead to delicious stories to be shared among friends and family.

A work of art
Colourful scents
Restaurant in Ajaccio
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Colourful scents waft from the kitchen, weaving a veritable olfactory picture that transports guests to the heart of Mediterranean lands. Each dish is a tribute to these sun-drenched regions, where fresh produce is transmogrified with finesse and creativity. The intoxicating aromas of cold-pressed olive oil blend harmoniously with fresh herbs picked from the neighbouring garden, diffusing a symphony of authentic scents. From starters to main courses and desserts, the fresh, mostly local produce, delights all the senses. Like our thin slices of sea bass, precisely arranged on an immaculate plate, which captivate the eye with their delicate transparency, or our fish soup, with its deep broth nuances that always make diners come back for more. Our chef is daring, assertive and always strving towards reinvention. He shakes things up with his burger-style scallops, a clever mix of textures and shapes, both tender and soft. Our chef evokes the taste of summer with each strawberry that graces his desserts. A master of illusion, he offers perfectly imitated pears, covered with smooth, shiny, chocolate icing. Above all, through these experiences, our chef invites diners to share in myriad sensations.


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La Dolce Vita
Feel-good cocktails
Bar and Restaurant in Ajaccio
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For a unique sensory experience, Dolce Vita bar restaurant, Ajaccio, offers a range of artistically prepared cocktails. Intense nuances and exotic aromas blend harmoniously, offering a palette of captivating, novel flavours to sip while overlooking the sea. Connaisseurs will be delighted with our meticulous selection of various vintages, as our range of drinks and selections from the wine cellar is the result of applied research. Refined and subtle, fruity, floral or spicy, local or not, our offerings stand ready to reveal their secrets to all those willing to engage their taste buds. The drinks list at bar restaurant Dolce Vita offers a careful selection of whiskies, from the most famous to the rarest, ranging from classics steeped in tradition, to the most daring, innovative expressions. Each sip reveals complex nuances, smoky or fruity notes, testament to careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. In a “cocktail of kindness”, our bar restaurant staff will guide you towards the right balance in the choice of your refreshments.

A simple pleasure
Our table of little delights
Breakfast at Restaurant Hotel Dolce Vita
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At Dolce Vita Restaurant-Hotel, our continental breakfast is a moment of delight and variety. Our sweet and savoury buffet offers a wide range of choices to satisfy all diners, with an assortment of fresh breads and crispy pastries. These go perfectly with homemade jams of exquisite flavours, or local honey for a touch of sweetness. For those who prefer savoury food, fine cold cuts and mature cheeses await. To start the day off right, enjoy eggs prepared as you like: scrambled, poached or in an omelette. Fresh fruit and creamy yogurts are also available to perfectly round off your morning meal. Food is complemented by a selection of natural fruit juices, freshly ground coffee and flavoured teas. Whether you are a sweet or savoury food lover, our continental breakfast at Dolce Vita Restaurant-Hotel satisfies all tastes and ensures a good start to the day.

Continental buffet breakfast is served from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., at EUR 27 per person per day (EUR 12 for children aged 3 to 12 years).

Breakfast may be served in your room for a supplement of €10 per person.

La Dolce Vita
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